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Our vehicles surround you and your passengers with a comprehensive bundle of advanced safety and convenience features. From cameras to ultrasonic sensors to radars, our sophisticated network of sensors acts as extra sets of eyes when you drive or park. You call it peace of mind.

We call it Hyundai SmartSense. Smart Cruise Control. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist. Driver Attention Warning. Lane Keeping Assist. High Beam Assist. Blind-Spot Collision Warning. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning. While traveling at a speed set by you, it uses radar to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. If your Hyundai comes to a complete stop, the cruise control automatically reactivates within 3 seconds. The moment it detects a slowing or stopped vehicle or a pedestrian in your path, it warns you of a potential collision.

If you don't stop in time, the system will automatically apply emergency braking to help avoid or reduce the severity of a collision. Continuously monitors your driving patterns to detect drowsy or inattentive driving. Once detected, it alerts the driver with a sound cue coupled with a warning message on the instrument panel. This intelligent system warns you through audio and visual cues if your vehicle drifts out of its driving lane without signaling. If necessary, it will gently apply corrective steering assistance to keep you inside the lane.

12222 Hyundai Elantra's wild style starts at $17,100

Constantly turning your high beams off and on can be a hassle, which is why this thoughtful feature automatically does it for you. It can detect oncoming vehicles and also, when they're no longer there, toggle between high and low beams accordingly. Your Hyundai notifies you with a visual alert when its radars detect a vehicle in your blind spot area.

If you try to change lanes in this situation, an audio warning will sound.

To help make reversing safer—especially when you're backing out of a parking space with limited visibility—the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning lets you know if its sensors detect a vehicle approaching from the left or right. Hope is our greatest feature.

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And it comes standard on every Hyundai. For over 21 years, every owner who has purchased a Hyundai has brought hope to a child living with cancer. Posted reviews are selected by Hyundai from SureCritic's collection of independent and verified customer reviews. Visit SureCritic.

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A simple way to get your Tucson. Midwest U. North East U. OR Remember Me? Community Links User Tagging Statistics. Search Forums. Go to Page User Tag List Reply. Remove Advertisements. Hyundai Performance. Well for problems its the exact some problems only in reverse so your going to have camber, bump steer problems. I hope its a show only car no way that thing will remotely drive. TAK82 is offline. Get longer bolts and make spacers and use that to drop your supension mounts on the car.

Oh, and another thing.. Chances are If you go to a body shop, you can have your front and rear fenders rolled in order to accomodate your tires. You can also think about doing a body lift instead of doing a suspension lift.

If you are in the market for a Lexus, even the used one I drove 3 hours from Beaverton to buy this car and I did it four times and it was totally worth it. The salespeople were amazing. The test drive was exhilarating and unlike the rest of the sales people in other brands that don't know their products, everyone at Lexus of Bellvue knows mostly everything about all their cars and services, If they don't know they will find out.

Did I mention they were patient?! There were no sneaky sales tactics. I've seen it all, I've had the salespeople at other Dick-Hannah dealerships change my total, add hidden fees, layout the cost of the vehicle in a predatory way so you couldn't actually see what your actual cost was for the vehicle or for the loan.

Hi pressure sales tactics were abound at all the "other" branded car dealerships I visited Kia, Subaru, Dodge, Chevrolet, Honda. These other dealerships all focused on monthly payment amount. Not on the actual cost of the vehicle, which is more important.

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Focusing on payment only can absolutely kill you over the years, as car depreciation sets in and you can become upside down in the loan and owe more than the car is worth. Especially if you don't have gap insurance and something happens to the vehicle. If you focus on payment only and overpay for the vehicle too much, a few years later when you go to sell the vehicle and depreciation has outpaced your payments then there's no way you can get what you need to pay off your vehicle. You might have to take out a personal loan to pay off the difference or roll that bad loan over again into a second loan, which only compounds the problem.

These are things you need to think about It's very important to negotiate the final price and not the payment.

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Make sure and do that before you mention any financing or trade-ins. Once I knew I wanted a dependable and luxurious Lexus : and visited Lexus of Bellvue, all the worry, haggling and pressure went away. It was truly enjoyable experience. I chose a CPO which was a great financial decision because Lexus is so very picky about it's CPOs, they must be in great condition and perfectly maintained.

I landed one!

Used Hyundai Elantra GT for Sale in Colorado Springs, CO

I bought the extended warranty that's worth its weight in gold. It covers so much! The list of warranty exclusions is basically consumable items, batteries, brakes, belts, seals Etc so I chave peace of mind for 7 years. I'm very lucky to have found this car, their excellent warranty programs, this brand Lexus and this fantastic dealership.

It was so easy. I got a great deal, a long warranty and a great product with no haggling. They price their products fairly and deliver on all their promises. I can't say enough good things about Michelle and Minh. Thank you so much for helping me buy my first almost new car! PS Thanks for the free lunch and wonderful dinner! They were great to deal with and worked hard to make the buying experience a great one.

The following items have been reconditioned on this vehicle: All New Tires! Best of all the price you see is the price you pay. No haggling. No back and forth. No pressure. And this price is so good it is guaranteed. Subject to certain terms and conditions. See store for details. Some restrictions apply. I had a great car buying experience at this dealership.

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